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Aala Abdelgadir

Aala Abdelgadir

Spring 2016 Graduate Fellowship Recipient
Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development


Aala Abdelgadir is a PhD student in political science at Stanford University. She is interested in the political economy of local governance. In particular, she seeks to investigate the incentives of local bureaucrats and how social ties between them and the communities they serve affect the provision of public goods and services. Abdelgadir holds a BA in political science from Yale University. Previously, she worked as a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Fellowship research abstract

The Effects of Social and Ethnic Ties on Public Goods Provision

This study examines how social ties between local bureaucrats and the communities they serve affect the provision of public services. A priori, it is not clear whether strong social ties would lead to higher or lower provision of public goods. In this study, I investigate: when do ethnic and social ties induce bureaucrats to provide better services and when don’t they? I address this question by exploring how ethnic and social ties between local officials and communities affect patterns of school inspections in Uganda.