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Aug 1 2018 | Posted In: Student Profiles
Graduate student James Winter is immersed in a project that measures how transitioning to a high-quality source of water piped directly to a household’s yard can impact household economic activity, female entrepreneurship, and water quality in low-income settings in Zambia.
Jul 25 2018 | Posted In: Announcements
The Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) and the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development are pleased to announce a Conference on Behavioral Economics and Development that will be hosted by Stanford University on Friday January 25 and Saturday January 26, 2019. 
Jul 23 2018 | Posted In: In the News
Faculty affiliates Marshall Burke and Sanjay Basu co-authored an article projecting that climate change could result in thousands of additional suicides in the U.S. and Mexico by 2050, a change comparable to the impact of economic recessions, suicide prevention programs or gun restriction laws.
Jul 16 2018 | Posted In: In the News
Using documents in the Hoover Institution archives, Stanford political scientist and Center affiliate Lisa Blaydes examined life in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, including how Iraqi citizens found creative ways to resist the Baath Party’s authoritarian regime.
Jul 10 2018 | Posted In: In the News
Yvonne Maldonado, a Center faculty affiliate, professor of pediatrics, and chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, is quoted on about the need for more vaccines in regions of the world in order to eliminate polio. 
Jul 9 2018 | Posted In: Announcements
The International Growth Centre (IGC) and the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development will be hosting a one-day conference at Stanford on December 6th on the theme of “Firms, Trade and Development.”
Jul 2 2018 | Posted In: Announcements
You can now watch the video from the fifth Annual Bank Conference on Africa: Examining the Challenges and Opportunities of Firms’ Productivity in Africa.
Jun 27 2018 | Posted In: In the News
A new Stanford study co-authored by Center faculty affiliate Marshall Burke shows that improving air quality in sub-Saharan Africa could provide benefits to infant health larger than nearly all currently used health interventions, such as vaccinations or food and water supplements.  
Jun 14 2018 | Posted In: In the News
Assistant Professor Jennifer Pan found that citizen complaints of corruption in one Chinese city were routinely concealed from senior authorities who could have taken action. 
Jun 11 2018 | Posted In: Announcements
Where are you summer plans taking you? If you are a Stanford student traveling abroad this summer, we invite you to submit photos from your travels for our global development photo competition!