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Mar 21 2019 | Posted In: In the News
An estimated 210,000 girls may have “gone missing” due to China’s “Later, Longer, Fewer” campaign, a birth planning policy predating the One Child Policy, according to a new study published by the Center for Global Development and co-authored by Grant Miller, Director of the Stanford Center on... Read More
Mar 19 2019 | Posted In: Meet the Researchers
Meredith Startz is the inaugural postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development. In a Q&A with the Center, she shares some of her research experience.
Mar 19 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Stanford researchers explore how crop nutrition — zinc and iron, for instance — will respond to climate change and what that means for human health.
Mar 12 2019 | Posted In: Impact Stories
Sanjay Basu has dedicated much of his career to challenging common assumptions about health care and proposing new approaches to disease prevention and treatment, combining the fields of computer science, epidemiology, and economics.
Feb 22 2019 | Posted In: In the News
In a recent VoxDev article based on a 2018 working paper, economist and Center faculty affiliate Melanie Morten and her co-author Gharad Bryan put forth that "removing barriers to internal migration can boost a country’s productivity, albeit modestly and with heterogonous effects on original... Read More
Feb 1 2019 | Posted In: Announcements
You can now watch the full Speaker Series session featuring economist Michael Kremer, who discussed various innovatitve approaches to global development. Nicholas Bloom moderated the audience Q&A session that followed. The Speaker Series features talks by distinguished scholars and policymakers... Read More
Jan 22 2019 | Posted In: Impact Stories
Solomon Hsiang, the Noosheen Hashemi Visiting Scholar at the Center, combines data with mathematical models to understand the economic effects of climate change, particularly on poverty.
Jan 16 2019 | Posted In: Announcements
We are soliciting papers for the Development and Political Economics (DEVPEC) PhD Student Conference. The deadline for submissions is Monday, February 18, 2019.
Jan 16 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Center faculty affiliate Rosamond Naylor's research on palm oil production in Indonesia is featured on the Woods Institute website.
Jan 14 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Center faculty affiliate Scott Rozelle is quoted in the LA Times about the nearly 70 million Chinese children who are "left behind" to either attend poorly run local schools, or, increasingly, boarding schools, while their parents work in cities.