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Feng Tang delivers the fifth Kuo Shu Liang memorial lecture

Please note that prior to September 2017, the Center on Global Poverty and Development was known as the Stanford Center for International Development (SCID).

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<p>Feng Tang speaks on China’s healthcare policies at the fifth Kuo Shu Liang Memorial Lecture.</p>

Steve Castillo
Aug 30 2016

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Chinese novelist, doctor and investor Feng Tang delivered the fifth annual Kuo Shu Liang memorial lecture on two topics closest to him: health care and writing.

Feng broke his lecture into two addresses. The first, delivered in English, gave a candid assessment of health care delivery in China. Then, speaking in Chinese, he offered a reflection on his love of writing, the craft he is best known for and the one he has used to depict contemporary life in Beijing.

According to Feng, who spoke at Stanford on Aug. 22, the Chinese government deserves credit for remarkable improvements in the quality of health services, as indicated by rising life expectancy, falling maternal mortality and plummeting mortality rates for young children. However, health care resources remain concentrated in big city hospitals. Services are underprovided to poorer citizens and those living in rural areas, he said.

Feng said there is a growing role for private investment in the health care sector, as governments at all levels will need to find the money to meet future demand from a large, aging population.

In his second lecture, Feng spoke at length about his lifelong love of reading and commitment to writing every day. His works include autobiographical novels, short stories and poems, and he has published six bestselling novels in the last several years. He is also a monthly columnist for GQ Magazine. Many of those attending brought along copies of Feng’s books, which he signed after the lecture.

Feng (also known as Zhang Haipeng) studied at Peking Union Medical College, specializing in gynecologic oncology. He earned an MBA in business management and worked as a consultant for McKinsey and Company. He is now an official at CITIC Capital and lives in Hong Kong.

The Kuo Shu Liang lecture sponsored by SCID celebrates the life and contributions of Kuo Shu Liang, who was a key contributor to the economic development of Taiwan after World War II and served as the governor of Taiwan’s Central Bank.