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Rui Xu

Rui Xu

Fall 2014 Graduate Fellowship Recipient
Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development


Rui Xu is a fifth year PhD student in Economics at Stanford. She got her bachelor’s degree in economics from Hong Kong University of Science and Tech-nology, where she was awarded full scholarship, Dean’s list, and Champion of Undergraduate Research Award. During her graduate study at Stanford, she developed strong interest in research about innovations, long-term economic growth and high-skilled migration. Currently, she is working on her job mar-ket paper about high skilled migration from less developed to more developed countries, as well as exploring the innovative activities in China using the data from China High-Tech Fair with the support of SCID. Like most PhD students, Xu is passionate about her research and enjoys sharing research ideas with her colleagues. She is also devoted to teaching undergraduate and graduate level economic classes. In her spare time, Xu enjoys hanging out with friends and travelling to interesting places.

Fellowship research abstract

Innovations and Entrepreneurial Financing In China: Evidence from China High-Tech Fair 1999-2014

The objective of this project is to explore several important aspects of in-novative activities in China using a unique data set from the China Hi-Tech Fair from 1999-2014. The rich information collected by the organizer of the exhibition provides a great opportunity to investigate 1) the matching process of investors and inventors, 2) the quality of inventions and patents in the fair based on the trading value and 3) the market for ideas and technology di˙usion in China. The results from the study have the potential to contribute to sev-eral fields in the entrepreneurship research literature, including entrepreneurial financing, the matching between investors and inventors and the geographical clustering of innovative activities. The findings can also have important policy implications about financial constraint faced by innovative firms in China and the potential benefit of policies that encourage R&D and innovation. Given the significant contribution of the Chinese economy to the world econ-omy, the innovation-led productivity growth in China will have a big influence on the world economic performance.