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Fellowship Eligibility and Budget

Revised September 1, 2017


  • Stanford doctoral students in any discipline who are making satisfactory academic progress and are writing a PhD dissertation.
  • Successful applicants must be registered in the quarter they receive funds. Grants will be issued by March for Winter quarter recipients, and by June for Spring recipients.
  • Prior applicants may reapply for funding for different projects or may resubmit improved versions their earlier submissions.
  • Requests must be for expenses that are not covered through other sources of funding from external or university sources.
  • Applicants may simultaneously apply for other sources of funding, but may not accept multiple sources of funding for the same expenses.

To apply, graduate students must submit an online application through Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO) at The application includes a two-page project description, a detailed budget and budget justification, and a CV. Faculty advisor letters of nomination (one required for exploratory awards and two required for full awards) can be uploaded within the application.  Please direct any questions to Corinne Thomas at

Project description (not to exceed 2 pages)

Upload one PDF or Word document that provides a cogent summary of your proposed research written in a manner clear to non-specialists. The selection committee is composed of a range of scholars and may not include specialists in your field. Project summaries must not exceed two pages. They should be single spaced, use conventional margins, and be in 11 point font or larger.

Budget and budget justification (1 page)

Upload one PDF or Word document, and please use a format similar to the sample budget provided.

a. Provide an itemized budget of all research-related expenses.

b. List anticipated sources of funding. Indicate which items would be supported by these funds and which are covered by other sources.

c. The following expense categories WILL be considered appropriate for these funds:

  • travel costs (either domestic or international) associated with the proposed research
  • other special project costs such as purchase of datasets, production of questionnaires and surveys, or human subject costs
  • data entry or transcription costs
  • other activities directly related to the research

d. The following expense categories will NOT be considered appropriate for these funds:

  • payments to undergraduates
  • equipment purchase
  • travel costs for dependents and spouses
  • travel costs for job interviews
  • travel costs to attend or present at professional conferences
  • dissertation write-up grants
  • health insurance
  • course registration
  • Stanford tuition
  • language training

All funds, other than tickets purchased directly by the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development on behalf of the recipient, will be dispersed as Stipend Funding via the Graduate Financial Support (GFS) system. Stipend Funding is taxable income, although no tax forms are generated by the university. International students may have taxes deducted before funds are released. Your budget may take the taxes on Stipend Funding into account, but the total request may not exceed $7K for exploratory awards or $25K for full awards. Please note that proposals, particularly for full awards, may be partially funded.

Sample Budget. Please use a similar format and level of detail.