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Working Papers

The Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development curates working papers produced by Center faculty affiliates to showcase the wide range of development-oriented research.

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Format: 2019
Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic
May 1999   PDF icon 33wp.pdf
Andrew D. Foster, Mark R. Rosenzweig
Jan 1999   PDF icon 49wp.pdf
Eduardo Engel, James Hines Jr.
Jan 1999   PDF icon 36wp.pdf
Raghbendra Jha, John Whalley
Jan 1999   PDF icon 51wp.pdf
Eduardo Engel, Alexander Galetovic, Claudio E. Raddatz
Dec 1998   PDF icon 29wp.pdf
M. Govinda Rao, Nirvikar Singh
Dec 1998   PDF icon 30awp.pdf
Pravin Krishna, Devashish Mitraab, Sajjid Chinoyc
Sep 1998   PDF icon 24wp.pdf
Kenneth M. Kletzer, Brian D. Wright
Sep 1998   PDF icon 25wp.pdf
Anne O. Krueger
Aug 1998   PDF icon 23wp.pdf
Philip Lane, Aaron Tornell
Apr 1998   PDF icon 10wp.pdf
Aaron Tornell
Apr 1998   PDF icon 20wp.pdf
Barry Weingast, Yuan Cao, Yingyi Qian
Dec 1997  
Pravin Krishna
Nov 1997  
Pravin Krishna, Arvind Panagariya
Nov 1997  
Pravin Krishna, Arvind Panagariya
Nov 1997  
T. N. Srinivasan
Jun 1997  
T. N. Srinivasan, Clive Bell, Christopher Udyr
Apr 1997   PDF icon 4wp.pdf